The Trusted Method of SMS to Excel

The use of Excel spreadsheet is widely used among start ups and business organizations all over the world. Only a very few organizations have realized that with the help of a simple add in (they are available form SMS providers) they can merge their Excel spreadsheets with their bulk message interface. By sending a SMS message from an Excel, a business organization no longer need to exist out of the spreadsheet application or start a new application to send their messages. It can happen from the Excel. Sending SMS to Excel is the ideal way for a business organization to grow. Combing SMS functionality with Excel will help to streamline the whole communication, as because multiple messages can be sent at one go, saving lot of time. If the business organization wants the customer to respond in kind, they can incorporate 2 ways messaging with their existing campaign, for that they might need a short code.

How SMS messages from Excel works?

The best thing about combining messages with the phone numbers which are on Excel sheets is that users will no longer need to leave Excel while text messaging. All that is essential to do is to link the SMS with Excel in a simple add in. The designing happens to interface with the Excel, so that the user can be up and running in few clicks. Once the add in are in place, to get the work started the user just needs to select the recipients, type the text, proof read it and then sent to the people they want to. And if someone need to send an individual message this process is also possible. He just needs to select the receiver, write the text and send it. Depending on the SMS to Excel add in the user use, the user should be able to create and store pre-defined message templates, helping the process to speed up further. Ideally this will also support the 2 way messaging and so should allow the receiver to reply to the text message if necessary.

The convenient Excel SMS plug in sits within the spreadsheet and connects to the SMS gateway. This enables the user to send thousands of messages in no time, through direct connection with the mobile phone operators. Excel to SMS allows users send messages directly from their spreadsheet. This is perfect for community groups looking for an easy way to connect with its members. Ideal for start ups those can keep their customer data in Excel spreadsheet. This is also a simple solution for organisations that needs to send personalised messages. The user simply selects the information he wants to include in the message as well as the recipients mobile number form the excel columns and then Excel to SMS will automatically created and then he can send the messages. If the user wants he can send thousands of personalised messages in an instant. There is no need to log in into some other system to send messages. And there is no need to reformat the spreadsheets.

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