Larry Moskowitz – Talented Artist and Role Model for Painters Across the World

Being an artist means you always have to be honest to your thoughts, expressive with your brush and clear with your art. Every artist paint with imagination and wishes to send a message across to the targeted audience. The expression of one’s thoughts and feelings with drawing and paint has been popular in the world since time immemorial. Art knows no language. It is powerful enough to cross borders and create a positive impression in the mind of the viewer!

Larry Moskowitz- passionately in love with his canvas

Larry Moskowitz is a talented artist, photographer, and traveler who lives in New York. He is passionately in love with art and works on numerous projects. He is an expert in digital art and paper craft. He loves to be creative and capture small details in his artwork. Agents from prominent museums and galleries have organized exhibitions of his artwork. The audience has loved his style and use of vibrant colors. His artwork has stolen attention with their powerful social and environmental messages. He has worked on a number of subjects, and some of his works have successfully displayed the need to save the planet and the environment. His Facebook page has some of his best paintings and works of art that have been appreciated by many worldwide.

How did his love for art grow?

He has always been creatively inclined. His mom and dad encouraged his talent, and he gradually started to draw and paint. He has been inspired by modern artists like Peter Max to create bold and vibrant themes. He says that when he works on a piece of art, he has a clear and defined vision in his mind. He makes an honest attempt to put his ideas, emotions, and feelings on canvas. He loves to paint on different surfaces, and this is the reason why his work is popular across the USA.

He enjoys travel and when he is near places of scenic beauty, he never fails to click amazing pictures of the breathtaking locales he visits. When it comes to photography and travel, both go hand in hand for him. He draws inspiration from the travels he makes to many new places. He loves exploring and capturing diverse subjects on camera. When a thought or an idea strikes his mind, he loves to pick up a brush and put that down on canvas. Painting indeed is his passion. He says that if one is a beginner, one must first master the basics of painting- drawing, and color.

Larry Moskowitz loves to search for new subjects of art, and he always looks for inspiration from daily life. He loves to use vibrant colors and themes. He works on innovation and improvement in all his projects as he desires to make every new project different from the previous works of art. He says as a painter; one should be disciplined and true to their work- with this motto in mind artists can definitely create masterpieces that can be cherished for life.

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