Arnon Dror Biography Focuses On the Duties of Chief Financial Officers

Arnon Dror Biography Focuses On the Duties of Chief Financial Officers

The financial actions of any major commercial organization are usually managed by a chief financial officer. The duties and responsibilities of these professionals are quite expansive in scope.  Apart from financial planning and cash flow tracking, according to Arnon Dror biography, these professionals also work towards identifying and analyzing the various financial strengths and weaknesses of a company, and subsequently propose corrective actions for it. Arnon Dror essentially used to be the VP of Finance of Xerox Technology Business at Xerox. He boasts of having more than two decades of experience in the sphere of finance, economics, leadership and management, and thereby has the ability offer insights about the job profile of chief financial officers.

Arnon Dror is especially renowned for being a results-driven and hands on international Chief Financial Officer. He additionally was one of the most trusted advisors for the senior leadership of diverse companies in which he had worked in.

According to the Arnon Dror linkedin,  the chief financial officer of an organization is one of the key expletive personnel who are responsible for the financial, administrative and risk management operations of the enterprise.  They have a major role to play in the development of the financial and operational strategy of an organization, and usually also monitor the important control systems that have been designed to preserves the vital company assets, as well as to report accurate financial results

Arnon Dror biography discusses how the job profile of chief financial officers in its very essence isquite a bit similar to that of a treasurer or controller. This is majorly due to the fact that these professionals are the ones responsible for managing both the accounting and finance divisions of a company, while making sure that their financial reports are orderly completed in time.   These professionals are responsible for many other tasks and duties as well. Here are a few of them:

  • Assisting in planning for the future direction of the company, while also spurting diverse types of tactical initiatives
  • Monitoring and directing the formulation,as well as implementation of various important strategic business plans
  • Developing efficient and effective financial and tax strategies
  • Orderly managing the capital request and budgeting processes relevant to the organization
  • Developing a host of performance measures, as well as to monitor systems that support the strategic direction of the company
  • Take part in key decision making process  as a member of the executive management team of the enterprise
  • Maintain a distinct in-depth relationship with various members of the management team of the company
  • Managing the finance related issues of diverse departments, including, investor relations, human resources, accounting ,treasury, as well as legal departments
  • Overseeing the important financial operations of diverse subsidiary companies , as well as taking care of foreign operations
  • Managing any third parties to which the finance or accounting functions of the enterprise have been outsourced
  • Implementing the most efficient operational practices

Due to the high importance of the duties conducted by a chief finance officer, they are an indispensible element of any organization.

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