Adobe Digital Publishing Solution – The best digital magazine creation software?

Adobe Digital Publishing Solution – The best digital magazine creation software?

Are you a print designer? Or are you a person with a website who is looking to create a digital magazine? It is now simpler than ever to get yourself in the digital publishing business with the help of Adobe Digital Publishing Solution. It allows you to stay in Adobe InDesign while working on rich interactive publications. Before diving in to explore it we first need to understand what Adobe digital publishing solution is exactly.

What is Adobe Digital Publishing Solution?

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is a complete solution that lets publishers and digital media partners create, distribute, monetize, and optimize their content in form of a digital publication for tablets. It helps you to transform your publication into an exciting interactive tablet experience.

Getting started with Adobe Digital Publishing Solution

All you need to install on your PC to start creating exciting magazines are the Adobe DPS tools. InDesign combines the existing interactive panels with DPS-exclusive panels in your interface to provide tablet-only features.

Also, there are no limitations when it comes to creating interactive documents. You can create as many publications as you want for a variety of devices including iPad, Android, Kindle and other iOS device. You can also share your publications with your clients or co-workers. It requires Adobe Content Viewer to view your work.

Apart from the purchase of Adobe software, it is free to create your interactive documents. Also, you need not to worry about buying licenses for prospecting purposes.

Publish your interactive magazine Online

Adobe provides you with options to publish your content online. Here’s how you can do it –

  1. Click on the Publish Online button in the App bar. This makes way to open a dialog box.
  2. Enter the required information in the Publish Online dialog box. The information required is – Title, Description, Pages, Export As, Single, and Spreads.

There is also an option through which you can allow the users to download your publication in the PDF-Print format. Plus, the option ‘Hide the Share and Embed options in the published document’ enables your readers to share or embed buttons on your published document.

  1. Then comes an Advanced tab. This has options like – Choose Thumbnail, First Page, Chosen Page, Image Settings, Resolution, JPEG Image Quality, GIF Options Palette etc. for several different purposes.
  2. Click on the Publish option to publish the document online.

Then, the details like thumbnail, title, and description are displayed on the left side of the dialog box. While the process is displayed on the right side.

After the document is published, you get options to View, Copy, or Share the document on Facebook or Twitter or via Email.

How to start from scratch?

Adobe offers a 2-day InDesign to iPad course to help the new users learn how to create their own online publications. Having something available to you is one thing and using it is another. The course not only helps the learners with the operation of tools but also provides information on how to design, where to take attention to detail, how to deal with the clients, and what to look out for. It also offers a lot of examples to inspire you to create a more intuitive and interactive publication.

After the 2-day course, like any other teacher, Adobe recommends you to practice what you have learnt. You can then start creating your very own publication for interfaces like iOS and Android to be viewed on tablets. This has to be one of the best tools for creating online digital magazines. Let us know if you find any difficulties with the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution.

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